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Law Firm in Spain

Tax advice for non residents and residents. Experience in legal questions regarding wealth tax, income tax, local taxes, capital gain tax and inheritance tax. 
Tax Management
Company taxes and book keeping.
Preparation of tax returns and payment on behalf of the client of local, regional and national taxes.

Assistance during tax inspection proceedings.

Appeals against Tax Authorities/Tax repayment claims.


Quality assurance of the property (checking payments, encumbrances, licenses etc).

Drafting, revision and signing of exchange agreements.

Attendance at the Notary at the signing of the Title Deed.

Registration of the Title Deed at the correspondent Land Registry Office.

After-sales services

Rental agreements

Draft of Spanish Wills

Advice to non residents who have assets both in Spain and in other countries.

Advice on tax efficient ways to pass assets on to the next generation

Preparation and signing of settlements etc. in Spain


Our services cover all types of legal defence, mediation and resolution of dispute in Spain and we are specialized in litigation against developers and in freezing assets if developer is in a delicate financial situation.

We are highly experienced in a wide range of fields, both within civil and criminal cases.

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